Door Replacements

Door, Window and Garage Door Repair Bristol

High quality door replacements in Bristol:

At DWR Services we offer high quality and cost effective door replacements for your home or business. Our team are happy to help you find the best solution for you, we will check over your doors to check for any faults that could be fixed avoiding a replacement if possible.

Our friendly and fully trained staff are experienced in replacing many devices such as floor spring units, a device that is fitted to aid door closure. They come in various sizes and strengths dependent on the use of the door. They can have other options i.e. hold open, double action etc. Electronic spring units can be fed from the fire alarm system, enabling an automatic closure in the event of a fire.

Overhead Door Closers are another method of self-closing mechanisms we replace. They are externally fitted to the top of the frame and door. These can be used on many lighter entrance doors or where the installation of a floor spring unit is not possible.

We can also fit or replace transom spring units, fitted to aid door closure and are installed in the section of frame above the door. These are mainly found on main entrance doors. They come in various sizes and strengths dependent on the use of the door. They can have other options i.e. hold open.

Service / repair emergency exit equipment

We can also fit Fire Exit and Push Bar assemblies internally or externally to an array of doors. We can service / repair emergency exit equipment to installing new units. We also undertake the installation of smoke/ heat seals.

We can carry out repairs, replacement or re-alignment to gearing on UPVC Tilt and Slide patio doors, handles, rollers, keeps and gaskets.

UPVC Doors

Out team can repair and replace all types of UPVC doors, Multipoint locking mechanism, lock upgrades, re-alignment, hinges, rubber gaskets, D/G sealed units, glazing, panels replaced and cat flaps installed.

We also proudly have trained locksmiths on our team.

Our locksmiths supply and fit all forms of locks, from high security cylinders with keys to pass, standard Yale cylinders, multipoint locks, 5 lever Mortise, l Lock upgrades. Also gaining entry to locked doors.

We can also fit/replace/repair manual digital locks; one of the simplest and cheapest forms of door. A code of your choice can be placed in the memory allowing authorized users to gain quick access.

Access Control

Finally we can supply and fit a wide range of access control devices to doors, from 12volt electric strikes, to magnetic locks. These are mainly found on main entrance doors to the property and can be accessed from card readers, electronic key pads or push pads.

For any advice, from a new garage door to a simple repair, please contact us. Advice is free and we offer a no obligation free site survey.